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1/12/2018 · Hey, Yesterday I stumbbled upon this Samsung S34J550 1440p 34” UW, for the price of 420€. I can’t seem to find any reviews, does anyone know more about it? why im not able to hit even 85 hz without frameskipping using dp? im trying to overclock by using

Top responsesAnyone? I also stumbled upon this model. Seem kinda cheap, is it good?2 votesDude i have been looking on the same monitor and i cant find anyy reviews on it. After a bit of investegating i thnink that i found out that the name of the  read more2 votesSo as it turned out this monitor is not available in Europe until the end of January well that sucks :/1 vote查看全部

Picked up one last week too. Over clocked it to 90hz no problem. Increased freesync range from 35 to 90 too. Seems to be doing just fine. Upgraded from an LG 29UC88, can definitely tell the difference from the IPS to this VA panel, not that its bad, just different. I

Top responsesTemporary setup before I move and not the craziest monitor but I’m still really happy with it. Edit: Overclocked to 90 Hz.2 votesI just got one yesterday!!! I love it!!2 votesHmm, that stand? How does that work?1 voteLooks really clean, what is that clock?1 votePicked up one last week too. Over clocked it to 90hz no problem. Increased freesync range from 35 to 90 too. Seems to be doing just fine. Upgraded from an LG  read more1 voteHi. What is the make and model of your laptop? I can’t seem to recognize it. Also your audio monitors, are those mackie cr4?1 vote查看全部

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【pconline 应用】目前DIY市场上最火热的装机组合莫过于奔腾20周年纪念版处理器G3258搭配B85芯片组主板, 漫畫18限 只要通过适当的超频, 焼く 調理 相对较低投入也能来不错的性能体验, 維他美仕 維他美仕料理機怎麼樣維他美仕料理機好 因此在奔腾G3258还没上市时, 省錢王 省錢王 业界对其充满期待。 輪胎年限怎麼看 輪胎規格百百種,數字規格大解密

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Hi there!I got a Samsung SJ55W (S34J550) this spring for my new build which will probably be built upon the 5700XT (or 5800 XT depending on when it arrives) or 2080/2070 SUPER. A key factor is however that freesync/adaptive sync will work well.

A Samsung representative at Best Buy can set up a personal demonstration for your next galaxy device. Please share your ZIP Code to find a nearby Best Buy location, our Samsung representative, wants to know about you so they can assist you better.


Disregarding the micrboard monitor which I won’t get since the points on the srgb spectrum are well they’re everywhere just don’t use it for colorwork. however people have overclocked the micro to 144hz and even 120hz, has anyone overclocked the samsung

Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor best 34 inch ultrawide monitors Buy at Amazon In case you’re always changing windows while working, you’ll know the significance of having everything spread out before you. The Samsung 34-Inch Ultrawide

2/4/2015 · Monitors aren’t always given the most thought beyond resolution and size, for many buyers. The fact is, though, that monitors are incredibly complex components. Attributes like response time, input lag, color reproduction, and viewing angles are all measurements that make a noticeable difference

Se vuoi fare un buon cambio dovresti puntare almeno ad un Intel i5 3450 unito ad una scheda madre H77 o B75, oppure Z77 se non escludi a priori l’overclock. Se fossi in te andrei a fare un po’ di overclock per far durare ancora per qualche tempo il processore

28/6/2019 · 本帖最後由 tsav 於 2019-2-11 09:05 編輯 我見newegg 好平, 野生狼性 ptt 野生哲平 3千4千都有,唔知佢地個保養係點?有冇啲牌子全球保?最近買左張2070 , 週年制歷年制 想用4k mon , cq2 洗髮精 cq2 本身用繄

Ehkä alunperin siinä huhuiltiin uuden crosshairin featuresta “- Supports Asynchronous eCLK mode, which allows you to overclock the CPU reference clock independently from Fabric/DRAM and PCI-E.” ja huonosti muotoiltuna ja ranskasta käännettynä on saatu

Kaikki mitä ulospäin esitetään on pitkälle suunniteltua markkinoinnin kikkailua, ei tuolla lavalla ole koskaan puhumassa duunari-insinöörejä ja niitä ei päästetä lähellekään tai yleisölle edes yritetä esittää mitään muuta kuin juuri se, mitä AMD haluaa yleisön

【PConline 评测】今日是大年初一, sd maid pro cracked apk PConline评测室给大家拜年了。各位网友请尽情用它来羞辱我吧!它是什么?你懂的!好了恭贺的说话就到这, 10 巴士澳門 澳門入境 小编和大家一样都要过年, 適合新手的眼影 年是要过但我们的评测根本是停不

My current monitor is LG 29UM67 (1080p, 75Hz, 29 inch, freesync). I would like to upgrade to something like 34GK950F but it is too expensive. I need to chose between options from title. I am playing mainly single player games, but many of them are FPS (Doom

Katsot asiaa nyt väärinpäin. Ei muisti ole putki, josta tulee jotain veden kaltaista asiaa jonka voi lähettää minne tahansa. Vaan sinne tulee suuri määrä muistiaccesseja tiettyihin oositteisiin, joiden kaikkien datan pitää mennä oikeasta paikasta oikeaan paikkaan.

Refresh rate was verified using Blur Buster’s frame skip test. This is a valid 100Hz screen (see images). This is quite a big deal as it’s the first mainstream native 100Hz ultrawide to hit the market: the X34 and PG348Q forced the consumer to overclock to reach

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【PConline 评测】市面上随着靠谱又好用的X58主板逐渐步入灭绝的边缘的时候,“洋垃圾”的玩家也要升级换代了, 女生帶狼牙有什麼說法 至强X3480被誉为最强的1156处理器, 但是无奈近期价格上涨得有点离谱, 格式工厂电脑版官方下载 大众爱不起它,而相

24/9/2014 · 【PConline 评测】2014年CPU入门级市场可谓相当热闹。Intel借着奔腾20周年之际推出一款价格低廉且超频性能强劲奔腾G3258, 開放式廚房設計 小廚房設計圖片 一时之间使得这款产品成为入门级DIY重点关注的焦点。 土瓶草繁殖 土瓶草繁殖方法_土瓶草的繁殖技術 奔腾不知不觉已经20年了。 室內 運動場 而对于AMD

Just like the Samsung SJ55W, the MSI MAG341CQ is based on a VA panel with a 3,000:1 static contrast ratio and 3440×1440 resolution, but it also has a bit wider 110% sRGB color gamut for more lifelike colors. Further, thanks to its 100Hz refresh rate, fast

Nämä on makuasioita. Jos joku kokee eri tavalla niin ei se tarkoita että se toinen on ääripäässä. 144 Hz auttaa paitsi pehmeästi vierivän kuvan takia, myös sen takia että paneelin haamukuva on tyypillisesti pienempi. Vaihdoin hiljattain 70 Hz monitorin 144 Hz g

Samsung SJ55W 34″ WQHD Monitor FEATURES: WQHD Image Quality – With a screen resolution of 3440×1440 pixels—approximately 2.4 times the density of Full HD—the SJ55W delivers razor-sharp images. And with more pixels to display content, you can

Has anyone tried to overclock the Dell U3415W? (self.ultrawidemasterrace) submitted 3 years ago by narrow_blue I have a U3415W and I tried to overclock it to 75hz, but it didn’t work and I had an increase in stuttering actually. I’ve heard others had a little

7/9/2019 · Tuotahan sanottiin jo 1 sukupolven Zen prosessorien tullessa markkinoille että: Turvallinen “24/7” jännite on 1.35V tai alle Turvallinen “hetkellinen nousu” on 1.4V tai alle Turvallinen “yksittäinen testi” on 1.45V tai alle Mikä tarkoittaa sitä (kärjistäen) että voit ns. kerran

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Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz Refresh, WQHD Computer Monitor, 3440 x 1440p Resolution, 4ms Response, FreeSync, Split

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LG 34UM68-P 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor with FreeSync Acer SB270 Bbix 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Monitor with AMD Radeon FREESYNC Technology – 1ms | 75Hz Refresh (HDMI & VGA ports)

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The LG 34UM68-P is made primarily for gaming and at 21:9 it’s perfect for movie watching. So know what you’re getting into with a 2560×1080 resolution. It’s going to be a little grainy for text and general use even with LG’s fantastic menu options. If you are planning

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21/10/2019 · 3DMark (2013) rezultati i komentari Overclocking Pa ne znam kak je za single gpu po pitanje bottlenecka,ali kolega s foruma šole150 je imao 1090t i dva komada 6950ki,i presao sa na i5 3570k i dobio prilican boost u fpsima na istom setupu grafi.

Online computer parts computer components computer accessories PC components desktops laptops notebooks motherboards processors HP Compaq Symbol Linksys Cisco Microsoft UM.HX1AA.001 Acer Predator XB271HU 27″ LED LCD Monitor – 16:9

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Online computer parts computer components computer accessories PC components desktops laptops notebooks motherboards processors HP Compaq Symbol Linksys Cisco Microsoft UM.HX1AA.001 Acer Predator XB271HU 27″ LED LCD Monitor – 16:9

I was using CRU to “overclock” my laptop monitor and it worked like epic i did 60Hz to 70Hz, but i wanted to try 40Hz for lols and i was bored to restart my lap again etc so i started restart64.exe, it restarted my drivers,but after this, i cant “overclock” again like, if i

75 Hz Monitor found in: AOC G2460VQ6 24″ Full HD 75Hz 1ms FreeSync Gaming Monitor, Acer KG271 27″ Full HD FreeSync 75Hz LED Monitor, AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5″ QHD 75Hz AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitor, Acer KG251Q 24.5″..